Everyone You Work With Is a C*** – on Kickstarter now

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“It is a bad thing to perform menial duties even for the sake of freedom”  – Karl Marx

“I work all night, I work all day. To pay the bills I have to pay. Ain’t it sad?”  – Abba

The ultimate guide to the weary, dreary world of paid employment, Everyone You work With Is a Cunt is the forthcoming book that clearly explains just why your job absolutely sucks.

Through the trusted techniques of textual prose, diagrammatic abstraction and a load of angry, gratuitous swearing this essential paperback reveals the unending horror of a wide variety  of career choices and just how terrible we all are at doing them.

You’ll laugh because it is funny, then you’ll cry because it is true.

You can reserve you copy right now on Kickstarter – check it out – I’ve even made a jaunty them tune that you can sing along, with – but probably not at work.

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