Box Set Suitability Analysis #LEAMULES

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There is definitely an argument to be made that (in TV terms at least) if you are going to be shut in the house for a few months, there may have never been a better time. However – you need to carefully decide what to go for, that 9 hour holocaust drama, might not be what you need right now.

With such a huge amount of choice, our high-tech, machine learning algorithms have plotted a whole load of eminently watchable online box sets on an easy-to-use mood-based analyser.

  1. Match your current, or intended, mood/feelings to one of the four categories
  2. Select a programme from within the box and locate using the internet.
  3. Settle on sofa, with food and hydration within reach.
  4. Remember to move around and go to the toilet occasionally.

Our engineers are working on a more helpful and linked up version of this to be deployed whenever they get round to it. Please feel free to share this around, we’ll stick it on social media too.

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