#LEAMULES Free Cult Movie 8: Samurai Cop

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A definite drop in quality today, but premium entertainment in the form of Samurai Cop.

Previously screened as part of the Masochist Film Club, an appalling film on every conceivable level – but amazingly funny as a result. A legendarily poor wig deployed to amazing effect, terrible acting, awkward speedos, gratuitous boobs, and bizarre home decoration choices. Like Lethal Weapon, but if they spent 90% of the budget on cocaine during the writing process.

Here is a link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Samurai-Cop-Matt-Hannon/dp/B01G4GSPVE

After you’ve watched this disaster-piece, we would thorough recommend checking out the interview that Red Letter Media did with star, Matt Hannon – he is as ashamed as you would expect.

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