Win fame, fortune and beer in the new Lockdown Film Remake Challenge

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As we found a couple of weeks back, remaking films is a fun, creative and mostly hygienic way of spending time while we are all stuck inside waiting out the evil virus.

So stay safe, stay entertained and have a blast by indulging your inner film director with our new LOCKDOWN FILM REMAKE CHALLENGE. We’re teaming up with The Town House in Leamington Spa to make this even more interesting – firstly all films will be screened at the pub when the lockdown is over and it is safe to re-open, secondly the best remake will win a bundle of cult movies and a £50 bar tab to celebrate being out of the house again.

You can make as many as you want – you’ll find it is quite addictive. Slap them up on the internet where everyone can see them (youtube, facebook, instagram, tiktok etc) and let us know by sharing or via the hashtags #LEAMULES and #LOCKDOWNREMAKES.

Here is a short video presentation to absorb and learn some cutting edge film production techniques from. Commence re-makes now!


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