#LEAMULES 2.1: Make a dodgy Daft Punk esque tune on your phone in less than one minute.

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Well, it looks like we’re all going to be stuck in our respective houses, flats, sheds, tents, caravans and palatial underground bunkers for at least a few more weeks.

To this end we are now entering phase 2.0 of LEAMington Underground Lockdown Entertainment Support #LEAMULES.

Every day we’ll be posting up something to keep you entertained and amused while you are staying in and keeping safe.

Today, we start with this in depth detailed and not at all thrown together in a couple of minutes video tutorial using the currently free Korg iKaossilator on iphone.

The iKaossilator is a fun and easy to play around with app, for making loops and tunes without need to learn any musical instruments or having any of the overrated ‘talent’, ‘skill’, or ‘artistry’.

This quick intro uses the default noises that are sitting there when you start it up, but you can quickly change things around and make your own masterpiece. So download it, fire it up, make yourself a cardboard robot head and please make something far better than this asap.

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