Now is the time to get into Red Letter Media – #LEAMULES 2.5

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One of the increasingly (decreasingly?) few refuges of top quality content made on YouTube, Red Letter Media is (are?) a group who create and publish all manner of wildly entertaining film review and criticism. You might have come across the amazing and epic Mr Plinkett Star Wars reviews, in which a scary, serial killing, basement dweller picks apart the prequels in a way that no normal film critic could – for hours at a time. That is only the tip of the iceberg though, RLM are responsible for:

  • Bringing all manner of brilliantly terrible and just outright terrible films to the world’s attention via their Best of The Worst series. This includes the genuine horror and weirdness of the Wheel of the Worst where VHS oddities are randomly selected for viewing – leading to amusement, outrage and a not unnoticeable amount of drinking to dull the pain.
  • Pop film reviews book-ended with bizarre ongoing narratives via Half in the Bag
  • More sober, deep and sometimes slightly depressed looks into cult TV and less well known movies via Re:View.

The great thing is that there are now years of their content available on YouTube, so if you like it this could keep you occupied for weeks – which could be pretty useful at the moment.

My personal recommendation is to start with this episode of Best of the Worst which includes our heroes enduring a 1980’s instructional video on how to seduce women using hypnosis – which is somehow even creepier than you might imagine…

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