Leamington Spa-rds Against Humanity – Free Download!

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If you’ve been playing Cards Against Humanity and wishing you could get more local references into the torrent of inhuman sex atrocities that you and your friends construct – then today is your lucky day.

Right here and right now you can download a highly specific Leamington Spa expansion pack, courtesy of Leamington Underground.

Needless to say this is completely unofficial, nothing to do with the actual Cards Against Humanity and purely an exercise in being humorously unpleasant about the nearby area. This is totally free, we’re not selling it.

If you don’t already have a copy of Cards Against Humanity, you can download it for free from their website too (or buy a printed out copy from pretty much anywhere).

You can download the PDF from here, you will also need some scissors to cut the cards out. Do try not to hurt yourself.

Please share any particularly good examples of these cards in use during your CAH games, like for example…

Here is all the cards in the set, there are 9 black ‘questions’ and 18 white ‘answers’.

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