LUC Presents Howard The Duck

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LUC returns to the Spa Centre Cinema on Friday 25th October for another journey into the world of cult film…

In 1986, before the current era of endless, boring, superhero movies, George Lucas brought the world the first big Marvel flick. The tale of an amorous, sarcastic, trans-dimensional, cigar smoking duck. A duck named Howard who battles evil aliens, plays in a rock band and develops a worryingly romantic relationship with Lea Thompson from Back To The Future.

In an exciting turn of events, this exceptionally odd and singular cult movie will be introduced by renowned superhero movie expert Dr James Taylor, who teaches Film and Television Studies at the University of Warwick. James will consider where Howard the Duck fits into Hollywood’s current obsession with superheroes and ask how the heck Howard the Duck got a film before Spider-Man. Don’t expect a clear answer.

Doors 7.15 // Starts 7.30 // Rating 12A // Tickets £6

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