Lockdown Entertainment Support #LEAMULES

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As a subterranean, totalitarian, cultural organisation, with a staff who we never let out (more for your safety than theirs to be honest), the grand central committee decreed that we should commit our experience and resources to provide entertainment for the currently housebound masses.

As such, from Wednesday 18th March, we will be commencing Leamington Underground Lockdown Entertainment Support – an ongoing effort to provide a swathe of time-passing, attention-diverting, boredom-busting entertainment and activities.

There will be all sorts of challenges and contests, entertaining cultural recommendations and hygienically remote interactivity. We’ll be posting stuff on the website and on social media with the clumsy (but hopefully not linked to any type of pornography) hashtag #LEAMULES.

Plus on Monday 23rd there is already a Remote Control Film Night occurring – join in on Facebook or Twitter from 8pm for an evening of audio-visual stimulation for free!

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