28 Days Of Free Cult Movies #LEAMULES

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We’re kicking off our Lockdown Entertainment Support efforts with a 28 day programme of daily cult films for you to enjoy – while also exploiting the one of the world’s richest companies. Yeah, take that, the ‘man’.

Here is what to do to join in:

  1. Sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime at www.amazon.co.uk/amazonprime
  2. Immediately suffer decision paralysis at the mountainous cinematic dumping ground of the amazon prime video library.
  3. At 5pm every day we will recommend a brilliant/bizarre cult movie from their catalogue.
  4. Watch the film.
  5. Repeat x 28.
  6. After 28 days we’ll remind you to cancel the free trial, so Bezos doesn’t get even more of our money.

We’ll announce the first carefully curated and highly recommended film at 5pm today, here and on our vast and worrying social media presence.

Also here is a graphic you can share around to spread the word to those who are in need of some free cult film action…

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