Make your own stylish and terrifying glitch art in minutes – #LEAMULES 2.12

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A fitting aesthetic for these chaotic and technologically charged times, glitch art is what you get when you mess with the integrity and transmission of the digital or analogue data that makes up images, video and sound. You can create some crazy effects by literally going through the code of an image and messing around with it, or there are loads of online and software tools for creating glitch art from any image or video. Your first port of call should be the excellent Glitchet web site art resources page, which has all sorts of info and tutorials. If you scroll down a bit you’ll find a table of tools, head for the free web based ones (like Photomosh) and go mental, in an aesthetic sense.

As an example here is an image plucked from today’s news which has been subjected to all manner of progressively more extreme glitching…

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