NEW POP CULTURE QUIZ BOOK OUT NOW – ‘quiz me till i fact’

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Another quality Leamington Underground product is now available for your commercial consideration. Make your in-person or online quiz night at least 64% more fun with the 150 rounds of pop culture questions in quiz me till i fact.

1200 carefully curated Leamington Underground questions on books, films, tv and games will probe every inch of your pop culture expertise. Answers are provided at no extra cost.

Rounds include:
– In space, no-one can hear these Alien questions
– Avoiding actual exercise with sports video games
– Fantasy novels about dragons and stuff
– The unending horror of reality TV shows
– Appalling erotic thrillers of the 90s
– Cunning stunts in the movies
– Authors behaving badly
– Books you probably had to read at school

qmtif is available from Amazon right now as either a paperback or e-book.

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