Enter The Recommatrix

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Starting today, courtesy of the curation dept of Leamington Underground, each week a new set of cultural recommendations will come your way, plotted on two different axis to help you decide which to indulge in and when.

First up are some film & TV suggestions available via streaming services that are all well worth your time. To help you identify which you should watch, carefully calibrate the mood you are in along the x axis and then dial in how much attention you want to put into the viewing experience along the y-axis. A brief description follows below the chart.

UNDERWATER: Wildly entertaining, if schlocky, Abyss/Aliens rip off. Available to rent or buy from lots of places.

WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS SEASON TWO: More of the very fun vampire houseshare comedy, with added creepy doll action and plenty more famous cameos. Available on the BBC iPlayer.

SAMURAI COP: Previously screened at the Masochist Film Club – a masterpiece of inept trash cinema. Starring very slow kung fu, gratuitous boobs and the greatest wig in all of cinema history. Available on Amazon Prime.

THE COLO(U)R OUT OF SPACE: Rip roaring return for director Richard Stanley with the HP Lovecraft adaptation starring Nic Cage in one of his proper acting appearances and some really ace old school horror atmosphere and effects. Available to rent from multiple places.

THE VAST OF NIGHT: Stylish, dense, but low key sci-fi tale – with more than a hint of Red Scare/Twilight Zone about it. Will make you realise how far telephone exchanges have come on. Available on Amazon Prime.

FILTHY RICH: The unpleasant and suddenly relevant again tale of Jeffrey Epstein – solid documentary about what appears to have been a real life Bond vilain, but not a lot of fun. Available on Netflix.

A SIMPLE PLAN: Edgy noir-ish drama from Sam Raimi, in much more subdued form than usual. Great acting all round in a tragic sort of way. Available on BBC iPlayer.

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