New Book Alert! ‘You Must Conquer Earth’ on Kickstarter now.

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The exciting new Leamington Underground book, You Must Conquer Earth has launched on Kickstarter.

Grab yourself one of the first digital or paperback copies of this rip-roaring, choose-your-own-world domination method adventure by becoming a backer at your earliest convenience.

You Must Conquer Earth is a wildly entertaining and interactive tale of sci-fi conquest where your strategic choices will make the difference between successful global domination and an embarrassingly messy and/or explosive death. There are 30 possible endings and many different routes to take. This is the first in a planned ‘You Must’ interactive fiction book series, with more to come soon.

You will take on the role of Commander Flooge, a magnificently tentacled, mid-level conqueror in the employ of the vast interstellar corporation, Galactic Consolidated. Your mission is to conquer and exploit a minor class 3 planet, known as ‘Earth’ by its primitive biped inhabitants. 

Will you rain hot laser death down from the sky?
Will you covertly infiltrate the Earthling civilisation?
Will you knock it on the head and become a space pirate instead?

This exciting book is available as a paperback for £10 (including uk postage) and as a low carbon, space saving digital edition for £3.

Find out more and reserve your copy over at the You Must Conquer Earth Kickstarter campaign.

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