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The first week of the You Must Conquer Earth Kickstarter campaign has gone really well, huge thanks to everyone who has backed the book and spread the word to get us to a super 183% funded.

So, in April, we’re guaranteed to be shipping out this brand new comedic, sci-fi interactive gamebook.

We’ve already surpassed the first stretch goal, so paperback backers will get a sticker badge to wear when (and only when) they conquer the earth. Next up, at £380, is a bookmark to help you mark your place, just in case you need to retrace your steps following a fatally poor decision.Most excitingly, if we are able to reach £580, then you will all get a Death Ray Top Trumps card game (digital backers will get one that they can print out). Here’s a quick preview of a few cards…

If this all sounds fun to you, head over to Kickstarter and become a backer asap, if we can get the same amount of backers over the next few weeks as have joined in during the first week then you’ll all get some bonus techno-destruction comparison analogue entertainment. Which is probably just what the world needs right now.

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