YOU MUST CONQUER EARTH – Now available all around this puny planet.

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Finally, a book that asks the important questions:

Will YOU conquer the planet using advanced technology?

Will YOU unleash ancient conspiracies across the globe?

Will YOU avoid getting sexually harassed by an accountant in a sewer?

Only you can answer these questions in the exciting, entertaining, tentacle filled and interactive book, YOU MUST CONQUER EARTH!

The latest Leamington Underground endeavour – planetary conquest gamebook, You Must Conquer Earth – is now fully available to purchase from Amazon in paperback and kindle versions. You can order it from many different Amazon sites in countries around the world – but please note it is written in English (well, apart form all the made up sci-fi words).

If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can enjoy the first person exploits of Commander Flooge for a grand total of no money at all. You are welcome.

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