You Must Bring Down The Government – starting from Thursday

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Announcing a new, somewhat experimental, weekly, interactive serial – where you (yes, you) will decide where a twisted tale of subversive misadventure will lead.

YOU MUST BRING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT will be published in weekly instalments on this very web site and also via the mailing list. Every Thursday you, the reader, will be able to vote on what action the protagonist should or shouldn’t take to achieve their (admittedly unlikely and rather vague) aim of bringing down the government.

Voting each week will be open until the following Monday, so plenty of time for you to contemplate just how messy this whole thing is going to get. I’ve got a rough idea of how this might go, but I’ll be writing each section on the fly to make things exciting and provide a flimsy excuse for poor spelling and grammar.

You don’t need to register anywhere or pay anything, just read each entry and select what you think should happen/what you want to see happen/what you think will lead to me having the hardest time writing the next section. If you prefer delivery by email, then you can join the Leamington Underground mailing list and the new episode will be pinged directly to you

YMBDTG will begin at 1pm on Thursday 22nd April. So please make a note or sign up for the mailing list to get in on the action asap.

Here, to set the scene, is part of the opening episode…

…finally unable to ignore the mad, constant buzzing, you reach out from under the covers and grab your frenzied phone. A crazed stream of notifications is falling rapidly down the screen, too fast for you to comprehend.

You tap a couple of times to see what you did to cause all this fuss. At 1.41 AM this morning you posted a tragic selfie: Your half-cut face caught in the middle of a slow blink, drooling slightly as you exhale a lungful of cigarette smoke. Above the tragic image is the text:

No joke… STarting Tomorrow, I ams GoingG to BRING DOWN THIS GIEVRNMENT!!!!!! #lifegoals #revolution

The numbers underneath the initial tweet, despite already being huge, are shooting up at what seems like an exponential rate, your phone vibrating even more urgently as it struggles to keep up with your new found fame.

Your stomach gurgles unhappily as your brain tries to comprehend exactly what is happening and whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. You think it is probably best if you ignore the whole situation and go back to sleep. That’s when you see that you’ve just been followed by none other than…

Our collective, interactive adventure begins here on Thursday 22nd April.

Tell your friends. Tell your Family. Tell random strangers on the internet.


P.S. if you’d rather get your interactive fiction all at once rather than weekly, don’t miss YOU MUST CONQUER EARTH, available now from amazon.

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