#LEAMULES Free Cult Movies 1: The Cemetery Man

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Lets start our lockdown viewing with an absolute banger. I’ve been wanting to screen this for ages, but couldn’t arrange it, so this is basically the LUC event that got away. But free. And in your house.

(NOTE: see this previous post about getting access to the film if you haven’t signed up to exploit Amazon Prime’s free trial yet)

Dellamorte Dellamore (aka The Cemetery Man) is a brilliant, stylish and bonkers Italian genre mashup, starring a very laid back Rupert Everett, graveyard sex, zombie boy scouts and a romantic sub-plot featuring a severed head.

On prime it seems to be known by its English title – here is a link for those who want to watch it via browser:


If you are using the prime app, you can search for it using either title, but choose the one with the title cemetery man and the prime logo – I’m sure you’ll work it out. The cover looks like this:

Hope you enjoy this, do let us know what you think on social media and if you want to get a discussion going throw in the hashtag #LEAMULES too.

If you’d like more info on this startling film, there is a rather good write up here and although I would definitely go in knowing as little as possible – here is the trailer…

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