Bunker Restart Protocol. Mailing List Recommencement. Sign up Now.

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Someone pressed the wrong button…

…so now our carefully laid plans to wait out the Trump era in a state of cryogenic suspended animation have been completely scuppered.
Not only that, but now it turns out that the UK has some sort of Worzel Gummidge tribute act running the country, a deadly pandemic has swept the planet and it is starting to look like our investment in Prince Andrew’s deodorant start-up may have been a mistake.

Anyhow, it is more important than ever in these trying times to provide a bit of cultural and artistic entertainment and distraction, so this email is your notification that Leamington Underground communications and activities will be recommencing this week.

It may be sometime before we can do any film screenings or stuff like that, but as an ongoing version of our LEAMULES lockdown support we’ll be sorting out some more alternative & virtual stuff in the very near future plus we’ll be sending out weekly recommendations and suggestions every Thursday via the mailing list – so if you want to get new Leamington Underground action straight to your inbox, sign up asap.

Success! You're on the list.

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